More helpful information from The Boy's Body Guide, a health and hygiene book for young men ages 8 to 14.
If you have freckles it doesn’t mean you have a problem with your skin or there’s anything wrong with your health. Freckles are just skin cells that contain color (pigment). The sun causes the pigment (known as melanin) to brown (tan) unevenly, resulting in freckles. Freckles are usually light brown, flat, and smaller than the head of a pin. Sometimes they look bigger because they overlap and run together.

You can’t get rid of your freckles, but wearing sunscreen and a hat could cut down on how many you have. For some boys, freckles fade in the winter and return with the sun in the summer. For other boys, freckles don’t change much with or without the sun. As you get older, your freckles will probably fade more each year.

Make the most of your freckles! They give you a distinct look—something that makes you unique. Wear your freckles proudly!
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