Some helpful information from The Boy's Body Guide, a health and hygiene book for young men ages 8 to 14.

"Plantar wart" is a fancy name for a wart on the bottom of your foot. A plantar wart makes you feel like you have a stone in your shoe all the time. It really hurts when you walk!

Just like warts on your hands, plantar warts are skin infections caused by viruses passed from one person to another. A very common place to catch a plantar wart is in a public shower or school locker room. When you're in one of those places, wear sandals or flip-flops instead of going barefoot.

It's a good idea to remove a plantar wart as soon as possible. They're more difficult to get rid of than a wart on your hand, though. A popular way for boys to treat a plantar wart is to use duct tape on it. If that doesn't work fast enough for you, have your parents take you to see your family doctor or a foot doctor (podiatrist). They'll have several ways to help you get rid of that plantar wart, including prescription medications and laser treatments.

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