To Market We Go: Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Take the kids shopping for vegetables? Are you crazy? Trust me. This weekend, pack up the kids for a trip to the farmer’s market. You’ll be surprised what they can learn while shopping for vegetables. In fact, it just might be the best food education experience you can give them.

Why I am so high on farmer’s markets? There’s simply no better place to learn about food than from the people who grow it. And who asks the most questions of the farmers? The kids do, of course. They want to know. How big is the biggest watermelon? What do spinach seeds look like? How do you cook squash? There is no end to the questions.

The vendors at our farmer’s market, most of whom are the actual farmers, can’t wait to share their knowledge—especially with the kids. And the kids, they soak up everything that's said, including how good vegetables are for you. Hearing it from a stranger always makes more of an impression than from a parent. Am I right?

Parents will tell you that after a trip to the farmer’s market, their children almost always eat more healthy foods, including vegetables. Kids that wouldn’t touch broccoli or cauliflower before the visiting the farmer’s market will at least give them a try afterwards. If you’ve ever taken on a tough-minded 6 year-old who’s dug in his heels over trying Brussels sprouts, you know it doesn’t get any better than that.

Robyn Webb is an award winning chef, nutritionist, and author. Visit her web site for more great information and recipes.
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