Are You a Slob Quiz

A slob, from the Irish Gaelic slab ‘mud,’ is a person regarded as slovenly, lazy, crude, or obnoxious. In the way of further explanation, sloven, from the Middle Dutch slof, is a person who is careless in appearance, habits, work, and who is dirty or untidy. You know, a slob.

Slobdom (remember you heard it here first) is the realm within which some people live. It’s not simply a lack of good personal hygiene or housekeeping neglect, but a lifestyle that violates the bastions of civilized society. Slobdom suggests a state of cluttered dirty disorganization manifesting itself in endless ways, limited only to one’s tolerance of living in confusion and squalor.

Top 10 Indicators You May Be a Slob
  1. Most everything you own is somewhere on the floor of your room.
  2. Your nicest shirt is from a Grateful Dead concert.
  3. You never put anything away, including food from the refrigerator.
  4. Socks and underwear are optional clothing for you.
  5. Your fingernail and toenail clippings are anywhere and everywhere.
  6. Your bathroom mirror is covered with toothpaste splatter.
  7. You drink milk and orange juice directly from the container.
  8. You never throw anything away.
  9. You don’t remember the last time you showered.
  10. You look like you slept in your clothes because you did.
How big a slob are you? Add up the total number of indicators above that describe you (0 - 10) and find your number below. Read 'em and weep.

Fantastic! But, are you sure you’re being honest about this?
Good Job! A solid score. You should pull through just fine.
Middle of the road. Could be better. Could be worse. Some improvement wouldn’t hurt.
Oh, no! An intervention by your friends may be in order. Take a hard look at yourself and consider making some changes. You know who you are!
Look at it this way: there’s nowhere to go but up.

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