Do You Have a Crush Quiz

You can't stop thinking about her. You feel great. You're excited and happy. You're on top of the world. Don't look now, but you have a crush.

Crushes are part of growing up. Just like your body changes as you get older, your emotions and feelings change, too.

Crushes are a kind of early romantic feeling. They are strong short-lived emotions toward a girl or woman you may or may not know.

She could be your sister's friend or an older girl in the neighborhood. Maybe it's the girl your brother is dating. She could even be your  teacher or someone you've seen in the movies or on TV.

No matter who it is, chances are good that you don't know your crush well, if at all. And getting to know her romantically may not be practical, but that doesn't stop you from idealizing and dreaming about her. Then, just as fast as your crush started, it ends.

Now you have a new crush. It's different this time, though. She's in your homeroom and best of all, she likes you, too. This is when things start to get interesting.

How do you know you have a crush? If three or more of these describe your behavior, chances are good you do.
  1. You write her name and yours side-by-side, over-and-over.
  2. She’s all you think about.
  3. She’s all you talk about.
  4. You don’t know exactly why you like her, you just do.
  5. Thinking about her makes you smile.
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