What Girls Look for In a Guy

Emily is tall, smart, and sassy. She has freckles and red hair. Samantha is about your height, pretty, and sweet. She has long brown hair and always dresses nicely. Isobel is shorter than you, moody, mischievous, with black hair and a very pretty face. You like Emily. There’s something about her red hair and tomboy attitude that makes you feel good.

Like you, girls size-up boys and label them according to how they look, dress, and act. Depending on how girls see you, they might think you’re smart, cute, geeky, or a jock. If you wear Left-4-Dead t-shirts and talk about making U-Tube videos showing Call of Duty glitches, most girls will label you as a gamer. They won’t know—because they don’t see— the other side of you that’s a sensitive guy who writes songs and plays guitar.

It’s a fact that people see you differently than you see yourself. “If Emily would just give me a chance,” you say. But, unless she sees in you a quality she likes or something the two of you have in common, Emily probably won’t give you a second look. And that’s okay. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Remember that for every Emily, there’s another girl who likes sensitive guitar-playing gamers.

Here are the more popular labels girls have for guys. Do you see yourself?

Guy Labels

  • Jock: Athletic, good body, dresses well, socially popular.
  • Hot: Great body, handsome face, stylish hair, dresses well. Can seem unapproachable, making some girls want them all the more.
  • Funny: Always smiling, tells lots of jokes, good sense of humor, fun to be around, likes to be the center of attention. Can have a hard time being serious.
  • Nice: Solid all-around guy, average body, dresses okay, polite, friendly, easy-going personality. Nice guys have to try a little harder because they don’t stand out in a crowd.
  • Gamer: Quiet, shy, geeky, disengaged, messy hair, frumpy. Can look like they’re day dreaming all the time.
  • Smart: Studious, eccentric, a little nerdy, hair and clothes usually out of style. Can have a hard time fitting in socially.
  • Bad Boy: Rebellious, looking to be noticed, makes it a point not to fit in, ‘tough guy’ attitude, sometimes rowdy and loud. Can be a bully.
  • Rocker: Cool demeanor, funky clothes, dyed hair, body piercings, usually thin. Always talking rock, punk, or metal. Super ‘hot’ for girls into their kind of music.
  • Player: Good-looking, ingratiating, smooth, overly charming, makes it a point to be noticed. Considers himself a ladies-man. Keeps track of conquests like gunslingers notch their six-shooter handle.

Tip: Be yourself. There's no reason to be anyone other than who you are. After all, the real you is the person who caught her eye in the first place.

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