How To Read the Signals Girls Send

You want Emily to know how you feel about her. But, you’re not sure how, or even if, you should tell her. What if Emily doesn’t feel the same about you? You don’t want to get hurt. What if you say the wrong thing? You don’t want to be embarrassed.

It’s always a gamble when you tell a girl you like her. Some guys never say a word because they can’t get past their fear of being rejected. You can cut your chances of being hurt or embarrassed, though, by taking time to understand the signals girls send.

Teasing is how I let a boy know I like him.—Abby

Just like boys, some girls show friendship by teasing each other in a good-natured way. They do the same with boys they like. If a girl gives you a funny nickname, for example, it’s a good sign she likes you—maybe more than just as a friend.

Boys like it when you flirt. I do it for fun —Gabriela

Girls and boys flirt with each other all the time. Usually, it’s a way to show that you’re interested in the other person. Sometimes, though, people flirt to amuse themselves. Tread carefully when a girl flirts with you. It’s usually a good sign; just remember it may not be what you think.

I’m kind of shy so I don’t talk to boys much.—Olivia

Shy girls speak with their eyes. They’ll look down and away, look up at you, and then look down and back again. It’s a way of introducing themselves and showing you they want to talk. Be soft spoken and low key when talking with a girl that is shy.

I can’t stop giggling when I’m around a guy I really like.—Emma

Does she laugh a lot when you talk to her, even though you aren’t trying to be funny? Does she act a little nervous? Do her cheeks blush? Do her words get mixed up when she talks? Does she play with her hair or fidget when you’re around? Those are all very good signs she’s interested.

Well, when I like a guy, I kind of try to show off around him.—Rachael

“Hey, look at me!” That’s the message girls are sending if they do or say things to get your attention. It’s generally a good sign if a girl talks loud around you, acts up, tries to be funny, or does things to impress you.

If I like a guy, I try to be near him and touch his arm while we’re talking. It shows him I’m interested.—Camila
Some girls, like Camila, show interest through physical gestures, like casual touching. But it’s not true for everyone. There are people—male and female—that touch people while they talk with them. It just means, “I’m listening.”

Are there more signals to be on the lookout for? You bet. Here are just a few:
• Her friends laugh and whisper in her ear when you walk by.
• She hangs on your every word.
• She smiles at you non-stop.
• She hugs you to say hello and goodbye.
• She looks at you a lot.
• She always stands next to you in line.
• She searches you out in a crowd.
• She’s super sweet to your mom and dad.

Consider This: How will she know you like her if you don’t speak up?

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