Are You Girl Crazy Quiz

Are you girl crazy? How would you know if you are? What difference does it make? Let's take a look. Keep track of your answers.

Girl Crazy Quiz
You’re ice-skating with friends when Paige walks into the snack bar looking really great with her hair pulled back and her skates draped over her shoulder.
  1. You catch her eye, smile, and keep talking with your friends. 
  2. You watch her walk by and disappear around the corner. You lose track of what you’re talking about with your friends. 
  3. Friends? What friends? You take off and follow her. 
You’re camping with a youth group for the weekend. Half the group is going water skiing and the other half is hiking. You love hiking and have been looking forward to it for weeks. Riley says she’s going water skiing.
  1. You tell Riley you’ll see her when you get back. You lace up your boots, double check your daypack, and head over to the trailhead. 
  2. You try to talk Riley into going on the hike. So what if she doesn’t have the right boots or a pack? You can loan her yours, right? 
  3. You decide to blow off the hike (and your friends) and head back to camp for your swimsuit. 
District ensemble competitions are this weekend, it’s already Thursday, and you need to practice your trumpet.
  1. You get out the music, sit down, and practice. 
  2. You get out the music, sit down, and mostly daydream about Kimberly. 
  3. You try calling Kimberly on her cell phone. She doesn’t answer any of the four times you try. Fifteen minutes later you take off to the mall in hopes of running into her. 
During lunch, Chloe comes in with her friends and they sit at the table across from you.
  1. You notice her and keep talking with your friends. 
  2. You try not to stare at her, but you can’t help yourself. 
  3. You start to talk louder and show off so she’ll notice you. 
You make a list of all the girls you’ve kissed or tried to kiss.
  1. Okay, maybe one. 
  2. You can count them on one hand. 
  3. You feel like hot stuff because you can’t remember them all. 
The Answers:
Mostly 1’s? You’re self-sufficient. You like yourself. You’re confident and have self-respect. You don’t need a girlfriend to be complete. Sure, it would be great to have a girlfriend, but you’re just fine without one, too. You are your own man, as they say.

Mostly 2’s? You’re positive and hopeful about meeting a girl who likes you just as you are. You’re willing to meet girls halfway when it comes to getting together, but your life doesn’t revolve them. You have other priorities in your life, too, like sports, school, friends, and your quest to find the best cheese-dog in town.

Mostly 3’s? Girls are your #1 priority. To be honest, you sound a little carried away, maybe even “girl crazy.” Maybe you’re the guy who’ll do anything to find a steady girlfriend so you don’t feel left out of the dating scene. Maybe you’re the guy who wants to get together with a new girl every week because it makes you feel like a big shot in front of other guys. Neither one is the right reason to hook up. Take it easy on the girls for a while. Pay more attention to yourself. If you think you’re worth it, so will they.

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