What Bothers Me Most About Girls

There are endless ways that guys and girls annoy each other. Here’s what a few young men and women had to say about what bothered them when it comes to the opposite sex.

Here's what girls say about boys:

  • They don’t ever tell you the whole story. Grace, age 14 
  • They argue and fight about the silliest stuff. Sydney, age 13 
  • They don’t consider my feelings. Allison, age 12 
  • Boys never show any emotions. And they talk about themselves all the time. Sarah, age 15 
  • Some boys pressure girls to do stuff they don’t want to do. Hailey, age 15 
  • They ignore me when they’re with their friends. Nevaeh, age 13 
  • I hate when guys think that in order to have fun, they have to spend a lot of money. Maddie, age 17 
  • You can't always take guys seriously. Laura, age 15 
  • When it’s just the two of us, my boyfriend acts differently than when we’re with his friends. Mary, age 15 
  • Guys don’t listen. Caroline, age 12 
Here's what boys say about girls:
  • When she’s always asking why I don’t call her. Ian, age 14 
  • Girls are too possessive when it comes to relationships. They are selfish most of the time. Diego, age 12 
  • I hate it when they flirt with other guys. Wyatt, age 15 
  • They can’t make up their minds. Kyle, age 11 
  • They change their minds faster than the blink of an eye. Eli, age 12 
  • They’re too worried about how they look. Jack, age 13 
  • They have these random mood swings I can’t explain. Kevin, age 15 
  • They take too long to get ready. Zack, age 16 
  • Girls don't know how to joke around. They take everything I say so literal. Ryan, 18  
  • When girls ask for your honest opinion, don't give it. You'll just get in trouble. Nick, age 17
Consider This: The better you know a person the easier it is for them to get under your skin. It happens between family members, between friends, and especially between boyfriends and girlfriends. Because conflict is part of most relationships, be on the lookout for signs of trouble and learn how to deal with what's bothering you. Take a look at How's Your Relationship Going QuizWho's the Problem, Your Girlfriend or You?Is It Time to Break Up Quiz, and Dealing with Girlfriend Problems.