Unattainable Girls

Maybe she just won best Movie Actress award at the Teen Choice Awards. Maybe she’s a swimsuit model. Whoever it is, when you have feelings for a girl that aren’t, or can’t be, returned, it can be a tough pill to swallow once you realize what’s happening. So just how do you get girls like that out of your system?

Stay busy. Call your friends. Try something new. Join a group. Start a new project. Make new friends. Do anything except sit or mope around feeling sorry for yourself.

Clean house. You know all that stuff, the pictures, posters, movie ticket stubs, you have laying around the house and hanging on the wall? They’re meant to remind you of her and, guess what, that’s exactly what they do. Do yourself a favor. Sit down in the quiet, look at everything one last time, and chuck them in the trashcan.

Start again. Get to know other girls near your age, who go to your school, and live in your neighborhood. Be realistic, no movie stars this time around. You may think you’ll never feel the same about anyone again. Not true. In time, you’ll meet a great girl who you really like. And this time, she’ll like you back.