How To Talk With Your Parents

Here’s the situation: You’ve been invited to a party next Saturday at a friend’s house. He has a brother who’s a high school senior, so there’ll probably be some older kids there, too. You need your parent’s permission to go, but you’re a little nervous because you don’t know how they’ll react. Here are some tips to get off on the right foot when you talk with them.
  • Find a time that you and your parents are free to talk without the interruptions of work, cell phones, and television. Begin by asking them, “Are you free to talk?”
  • Get right to the point. “Dad, I need to get your permission to go to David’s party on Saturday. Can I tell you about it?"
  • Give details that will help your parents understand the situation, including where the party is, who will be there, how long it lasts, and when you’ll be home.
  • No matter how they respond, listen to what they say without interrupting.
  • Try to understand your parent’s point of view. If you disagree with them, can you see their side of it? If you can, say so. Telling them you understand their views and feelings will make them more willing to see yours.
  • Keep a cool head if things start to heat up. Your parents will think of you as more grown up and capable of making important decisions when they see you acting maturely.
  • Always use a friendly tone of voice. Being respectful makes it much more likely your parents will listen to you and seriously consider your request.
  • Lastly, respect your parent’s decision. They love you and want to keep you safe.
Tip: Always tell the truth. Don’t shade the facts about whether there will be alcohol present, for example. Honesty builds trust. Life is good when your parents trust you.