The Trouble with Teasing

Guys tease girls. Girls tease guys. The older you get, the more you’ll notice that guys and girls use teasing to show they like someone.

The trouble comes when the teasing gets cruel. Some kids - especially guys - don’t know where to stop. They tell sexual jokes and make off-color comments about bodies to shock and embarrass others. What they say crosses the boundary of what’s considered private and polite. It’s a way to draw attention to them.

As an example, guys will talk and comment about a girl’s body in front of her or within earshot. Or they will joke about something sexual, like kissing or, well, you know. They want to make the girl blush and laugh. They think their bold talk impresses girls.

Sometimes the girl is strong enough to ask the guy to stop. Sometimes she isn’t and the teasing escalates, getting brasher and more sexually oriented. Learn to recognize when things are getting out of control. If you ever find yourself part of a situation like this, put a stop to it on your own. By the time a girl has to ask you to stop, the teasing has already gone way too far.

In the worst cases, guys use teasing and sexually laced talk to humiliate and bully a girl. They may talk about how large or small her breasts are. Guys, or a group of guys, may corner a girl and make sexual remarks for no other reason than to harass and upset her. They may even touch her in a sexual way without her permission. This is about as bad as it gets.

Here’s the deal. It’s wrong to act this way. Period. And it can get you in big trouble with parents and teacher - even the police. Look in the mirror and reflect on the way you act toward girls. If you need to change the way you treat them, do it now.

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