Are You Ready for a Girlfriend Quiz

You may be wondering if now’s the right time to get serious about girls. Maybe you're not sure you're ready. Your friend already has a "steady" girlfriend. You might be asking yourself, "Should I have one, too?"

Here are five questions that will help you figure it out. Take a look and see if they sound like you. Keep track of your answers as you go.
  1. Your best friend talks about nothing but girls. You’d rather go bike riding and play some video games like "us" guys used to. Yes or No
  2. The cousin of your best friend's girlfriend is visiting this summer. He wants to “set you up” with her. You feel queasy and not sure how to handle it. Yes or No
  3. You’re interested in a girl or two at school. But when you think about the gossip, teasing, and getting dumped, you feel it’s just not worth the trouble. Yes or No
  4. One of the girls in class hangs around you all the time. She told your best friend she’d go out with you if you asked her. It makes you feel really uncomfortable. You just don’t want to deal with the situation. Yes or No
  5. Your parents drop you at the movie theater to meet your best friend. To your surprise, his girlfriend and her cousin are there. You’re upset and want to get out of there. Yes or No
You Are Ready
Every ‘no’ answer is an indication you’re ready for a new kind of relationship with girls. The more ‘nos,’ the more ready you are.

You Are Not Ready
If you answered mostly ‘yes,’ you’re probably not ready. That’s okay. Everyone is on their own schedule when it comes to girls. Just like some young men get hair on their faces first, others get interested in girls first. Don’t rush it. There’s plenty of time and plenty of girls to go around. You’ll know when it’s the right time.

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