Best Friend or Girlfriend?

You and Rachel have been friends for as long as you can remember. Now your buddy, Jack, has started calling her your girlfriend. “Are you in love?” and “Is she a good kisser?” His teasing doesn’t bother you that much, but wow, things have sure changed from when you were younger.

Fact #1
Having Rachel as a friend is a good thing. It gives you the chance to experience the female psyche without all the feelings and responsibilities that come with a romantic relationship. You’ll see girls as regular people, not as items of desire to be put on pedestals. It also means you’ll have more realistic expectations about girls when you get into a romantic relationship with one.

So what about Jack? Tell him and anyone else who gives you a hard time about Rachel that, “No, we’re just friends.” Stick to that message, don’t react to the teasing, and it’ll stop before you know it. Don’t change a thing when it comes to Rachel and you. After all, she’s your friend.

Fact #2
Friendships with girls occasionally turn romantic. Rachel is available, you already know her, and you like hanging out together. Why not take the next step? Pairing up with a girl “friend” sometimes works out great. Remember that friendship is the foundation of every good romantic relationship.

Fact #3
You and Rachel may decide you like being “just friends” better than boyfriend-girlfriend. It may be easy to go back to the way things were. And, then again, it may not be so easy. If you’re thinking about getting romantic with your girl friend, talk it over with her first. Make a deal about how you’ll treat each other if things don’t work out. Then stick to it.

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