5 Mistakes Guys Make with Girls

Francesca knows you’re interested. She and her friends came by Mickey D’s Tuesday after school to say “hi.” Since then, though, the two of you haven’t gotten together. You’ve asked, but it just doesn’t happen for one reason or another.

This is when you want to play it smart and avoid the every-day mistakes guys make when things aren’t going just right.
  • Monday: Don’t be too aggressive. Most girls don’t like it. Back off and give her some space.
  • Tuesday: Don’t try to make her like you. You’re in charge of your feelings, but you’re not in charge of hers. 
  • Wednesday: Don’t bad mouth other guys to make you look good. In the end, it just makes you look bad.
  • Thursday: Don’t show off to impress her. It will draw attention to you - but not the kind you want.
  • Friday: Don’t try to make her feel sorry for you. Girls don’t want a guy who looks desperate and emotionally weak.