Going Steady Quiz

You and your friends have started hanging out with a particular group of girls. You eat together everyday in the lunchroom and meet up whenever you can, like at an evening varsity basketball game or to just hang out and talk on the weekend. Some of the guys and girls are starting to pair off. Others are just having a good time being part of the group. Either way, you like how it feels to be with a bunch of girls. You still like being with just the guys, but the girls make you feel really great in a different sort of way.

Just last week, Charlotte and your best friend, Ethan, decided to go together. Should you do it, too? Ethan says it no big deal to date one girl exclusively, but you’re not so sure. Your instinct is right to give it some thought. See what others, like your parents, have to say. Listen to what your gut tells you. Make sure that if you’re going to have a steady girlfriend, it’s for the right reason.

Which of these are the best reasons to go with just one girl?

Going Stead Quiz
1. Everyone else is doing it.
2. She’s a football cheerleader.
3. You feel really great when you’re around her.
4. Your best friend says you should.
5. She’s the only girl who said “yes.”
6. You want to make another girl jealous.
7. She’s smart, nice, and fun to hang out with.
8. It’s what young men your age do.
9. You don’t want to be left out of the dating scene.
10. She’s the best girl you can get.

Good reasons: 3 and 7
Bad reasons: all the rest

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