How To Kiss a Girl

To hear other guys talk, everyone has kissed a girl but you. Well, don’t believe it. Guys like to talk - boast is more like it - especially about their experience with girls. Don’t let what other guys have or haven’t done affect you. Fact is, the guys who brag most are usually the least experienced. Talking is one thing; doing is another.

Kissing and other touching between a girl and a guy happens when the timing is right. Just because your best friend kissed a girl last week doesn’t mean you have to rush out and do the same this week. Romance is not a race. Affection between a girl and a guy is most exciting and fun when they know and like each other.

With that in mind, here are a few dos and don’ts to guide you.
  • Kiss a girl because you like her and she likes you, too.
  • Don’t force yourself on a girl. If she wants to kiss you, you’ll know by how she acts and what she says.
  • Make it private. With the exception of weddings, public shows of affection should generally be limited to quick kisses, hugs, and handholding. A kiss is for two people, not a crowd. Be discreet.
  • Don’t play the sympathy card to get a kiss. “It’s been so long since anyone kissed me,” sounds rather pathetic and weak. It’s not a good foundation on which to build a relationship.
  • Don’t play the guilt card to get a kiss. “If you like me, you'll kiss me,” is manipulative and pitiful sounding. Best avoid this approach, too.
  • Get out there and meet girls. You'll know when the time is right for that first kiss.
  • Oh, and don't be too concerned about the mechanics of kissing. It's more important to be relaxed and have fun. Remember, practice makes perfect!