Is It Time to Break Up Quiz

Sometimes you and your girlfriend get along and sometimes you don't. Take the quiz and see how savvy you are when it comes to making a decision about when to hang in there and when to call it quits. Keep track of your answers as you go.

1.     Your girlfriend is a great person and you’ve known her a long time, but there’s someone else you’re starting to like. You don’t want to hurt your girlfriend’s feelings. Do you hang in there or call it quits?

2.     Every time you and your girlfriend plan to meet somewhere, she’s always late. She always has a good reason and says she’s sorry, but it’s driving you crazy. Do you hang in there or call it quits?

3.     You can’t reach your girlfriend on her cell phone. This has been going on for a while. When you ask, she won’t tell you where she’s been. Do you hang in there or call it quits?

4.     You guys have been a “couple” since 7th grade, but she’s been hard to talk to this week. Do you hang in there or call it quits?

5.     You started going out with her because she acts and dresses differently than other girls you know. Now you realize you don’t have much in common with her and the differences are beginning to bother you. Do you hang in there or call it quits?

The best answer to 2 and 4 is Hang in There. Don’t throw away a good relationship because of a small or temporary problem. Fix the problem instead.

The best answer to 1, 3, and 5 is Call it Quits. There’s no reason to stick with a girl who treats you badly. Period. And there’s no reason to stick with a girl you don’t have feelings for. Calling it quits isn’t easy. But, the hurt will end and you both will get on with finding the right person. Be honest with her - and yourself.

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