Is It Okay to Date Younger Girls?

Here's a tip from Boy's Guide to Girls: 30 Pointers You Won't Get From Your Parents or Friends

Q: Is it okay to date younger girls?

A: Lots of girls get crushes on older boys. Your younger sister’s best friend or the girl-next-door are good examples of attractive younger girls who might all of a sudden take a liking to you. There’s lots of flirting and general talk about “getting together.” It’s a lot of fun, but you both know it’s a game. And while that’s fine, it begins and ends right there. 

So, is it okay to have an actual romantic relationship with a 13 year-old girl if you’re in high school? No, it’s not. You and a 13 year-old girl are at entirely different stages of growing up. Sure, it’s tempting because she doesn’t know the rules and you have the advantage. But, in the end, it’s not fair to either you or her.

Consider this: The older you get, the less the age difference matters. Eight years doesn’t seem so much when you’re 35 and she’s 27. But, that same eight year difference is much bigger when you’re 18 and she’s 10. If you like to date younger girls, wait until you’re older and the age difference isn’t as important any more.

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